New Installation by Apollonia Vanova at The Artist Project


Consists of an extension cord that is woven along the top, bottom and side seams of a four-sided rectangular wall structure. The weaving begins with the ‘tail’ - the end of the cord plugged into an electrical outlet, and ends with the ‘head of the dragon’, represented by the hand-drill that was used to create the holes for the weaving. Weaving, the interlacing of separate elements into a complex whole, has long been interpreted as a metaphor for storytelling. "THE DRAGON" is about contrasts and opposing forces working together in harmony. Weaving, traditionally considered to be a feminine craft, is juxtaposed with the masculine aspect of building architectural forms. The merging of these two forces creates a visual and symbolic interplay of harmony and tension; the masculine and feminine lines are intertwined and blurred, and objects take on a new meaning. 



Just finished a new painting - 48"x 62", acrylic on Canvas.
Horizontal text on the canvas: I have made my bed, now I am laying in it.
Vertical text: Karma